Eco-Friendly Sex :)

A friend of mine recently forwarded me a site about “green” sex toys. She knows me so well! (A crunchy wanna be sex therapist!) The idea of making sex a green event is just a great idea. The more I delve into the “green” world, the more I realize that we could really be having better lives now that also create better lives for later!

Apparently, a number one reason for wanting to use eco-friendly sex toys: “The phthalates found in traditional sex toys can cause cancer, damage our reproductive systems, impair sperm, and damage the planet.” even has a list called Sustainable Sex Toys: Just in Time for Valentine’s Day! So, what do they suggest?

1. “avoid PVC plastics and phthalates, agents added to plastics to make them squishy and jelly-like”

2. look for glass toys, such as the Cherry from Babeland

3. buy a fair-trade sustainable paddle , such as this one from Coco de Mer

4. use a recycled rubber harness

5. get a SOLAR powered toy!

6. clean, room temp veggies and fruits (such as cucumbers and star fruit)

7. organic massage oils has more than just green sex toys, so be sure to check out green living tips and ideas– even if you’re not looking for green sex ideas!

This blog was re-posted from Amor Del Mono by Peer-Ed Rosara Torrisi


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