omg… boobs

Last year, my fellow peer-eds and I received a sincerely enthusiastic review of a lingerie store from Well Woman Aina who raved about how amazing her experience was. Almost a complete year later (hey, we’re busy) Rosara and I checked the place out for ourselves. You know how people throw the expression “life-changing experience” around? Well here is one situation where it definitely applies. So the place is called My Intimacy, and it’s located on 90th and Madison, subway + bus ride away from Barnard. The inside of the store doesn’t resemble the forced, commercial sexuality of  Victoria Secret, in fact I was just a smidge turned off by all the neutrals around the store. But hold on it gets better. The philosophy of the company is that they do not believe in measuring, so my fitter asked me a few questions about what I was looking for then came back promptly with a few choices. I’ve been measured by two separate stores with months in between and they were both consistent with the apparently wrong size. The measuring tape system is arbitrary and should be discontinued! My fitter managed to find me bras that fit me perfectly without any measuring. The store is a bit pricey, the cheapest ones are about $50, but in the end it was definitely worth it. My breasts look and actually feel better! Even my coat fits my differently. Amazing! Check it out and let me know what you think.   


2 thoughts on “omg… boobs

  1. Yes! Go! do it! your breasts will love you back for it.
    just an fyi: be weary of bras that they say need to be tailored… why pay even MORE when you can get a different one that’s juuuuust right! 🙂 Goldilocks bras!!!

  2. another amazing lingerie to try: Hanky Panky underwear!!! You can take my word for it (, but seriously try it yourself!

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