Menstrual Cups

Whenever I mention this alternative to using tampons or pads, the reaction I usually receive is “eeeewww!” Nevertheless, I remain convinced that the cup is an excellent option for women who are looking for a product that contains no harmful substances, is long-lasting, and is cost-effective. While you can find several distributors online, the cups have many common features: they are bell-shaped (with one exception: Instead) and are worn internally, low in the vagina. Rather than absorbing blood and the vagina’s natural secretions, the cup will hold the fluids until you remove them (after up to 12 hours of usage).

Unlike tampons, the cup has not been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is a rare but fatal disease that is associated with higher absorbency tampons. Unlike pads, the cup can be worn comfortably while you play all your favorite sports or exercise in the gym. When examined over the long-term, a cup will cost far less than the summation of your tampon or pad purchases each month.

These are a just a few reasons why the menstrual cup is something you should consider the next time you go to the drug store to buy those expensive tampons or pads. I hope that the list of advantages I supplied is enough to pique your curiosity about clicking this link ( to learn even more information about this great alternative. The reusable cups you can consider are: the Divacup, the Mooncup, the Keeper, the Lunette, and Instead. Check out their individual web sites for more specific information.


7 thoughts on “Menstrual Cups

  1. truthfully, I just used an instead cup and got all of the menstrual blood on my hands and then dropped it into my pants on the floor… not such a happy time for me. perhaps it’s due to my inexperience, but, nonetheless, I was unsatisfied. Do you think the instead cup is different from the keeper and this won’t happen to me again?

  2. They definitely require some practice and getting used to. What I know about the disposable Instead cups is that they 1) actually sit higher in the vagina than any other cup, 2) are shaped more like a diaphragm than the traditional menstrual cup, and 3) don’t have a stem to aid in removal (which would serve the same purpose as a tampon’s string). I would encourage you not to give up on Instead just yet, but also to explore other options before giving up on menstrual cups entirely, if you run into another mess. If you are looking for an easier clean-up process, the reusable cups that are bell-shaped and worn lower in the vagina will most likely work out better. Those cups, including the Keeper, are stiffer and easier to get a grip on.

    Good luck finding the right cup for yourself!

  3. Sounds good to me…

  4. ok. so i JUST bought a Diva Cup. I’ve been using it for 3 days now and I can’t stand the darn thing! SO amazingly cumbersome! I’m giving it a try and trying not to take these first few tries as indicative of its worth since I still remember insane fumbling with tampons… we’ll see what happens I guess!

  5. ok ok. it’s gotten easier… but I still don’t see how I could do this in a public restroom yet… perhaps that will come someday soon.

  6. Do you know where I can get those cups, I want to give it a try. Thanks

  7. Rosara: Because the cup stays in for 12 hours, I usually just clean it when I wake up and when I go to sleep… no public restrooms involved!

    Lizandra: Places like Whole Foods should have them. You can also probably order them online (maybe even

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