Reading Charlotte Allen’s article got me thinking about the “innate” qualities that women possess. Is there such a thing? Is there such thing as “woman-culture?” By having the same (or relatively the same) sex organs and chromosomes does that mean that we share certain behavioral qualities or have a “culture?” I would love to believe in the idea of womanhood as more than an abstract entity, as a powerful cultural and political force (and in fact I do). Yet, by assuming that all women can relate because of shared biology is problematic. It ignores that oppressions intersect – that what a white American woman experiences can be, and often is, different than what a black American woman experiences (and that’s just adding in race and nationality – what about sexuality, socio-economic background, religion, etc…). It assumes gender and biology are the same. Where do biological women who identify as men fit in? And if there is such a thing as a “woman-culture” or as qualities innate to women, does this perpetuate the dominate notion that women must uplift their gender and steer clear of women-centered criticism? I’m not quite sure what to think…


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