No Children? Hooray!

Here’s a link to a great article on “birth dearth,” childless couples, and how people can be just fine without children, thank you very much:

Seems particularly relevant, as most people (especially women) are feared as unnatural or spiteful when they don’t have/like kids. Just a reminder that couples who are childless may be choosing to be so for reasons that aren’t (necessarily) evil…


One thought on “No Children? Hooray!

  1. Over the summer when I was in Philadelphia, the local news channel did some special about women/couples who chose not to have children. I’m not sure if they did a great job with it, but one of the women in the office I worked in was interviewed by them. Her main points were that her and her partner didn’t really envision children in their future (so it was something that they had to agree on before getting married), that they have more freedom in life without having to think about what’s going on with their children (her and her husband have more “them” time and don’t have the relationship strain that children definitely add), and that she does have children in her life who are wonderful to be around and to be there for (her siblings and friends have children). I definitely agreed a lot with her and spoke to her about myself, away from the cameras. Her main piece of advice for deciding this for yourself was no not make the decision that you’re not going to have children if you have even the slightest bit of doubt, because other people will definitely use that to convince you to have children; this is a decision that has to absolutely resonate with you and feel 100% perfect for you. Not because you could be wrong, but because of the intensity of the social pressure to have children.

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