DIY Body Care



Happy lunar new year!!

About a year ago, I began changing my daily body care routine. There were several reasons – minimize the amount of unknown ingredients I use on my body, it’s good for the environment, – but mostly, I love DIYs and it’s been a surprisingly smooth sailing process!

Here is a link to one of the things I replaced in my cosmetic bag – homemade deodorant! On this site also is a link to instructions on how to replace shampoo with baking soda (I’ve started doing this and it’s been really great – except my hair gets really static-y? I am still tweaking my routine).

Angry Chicken Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Hymen Mysteries SOLVED

Fun fact: virginity is entirely socially constructed, and there is no physical characteristic that can determine whether or not a female-bodied person has had sex yet, just like nobody can tell if a male-bodied person has!


BUT. You ask, perplexed: what about the hymen??

Confused? Curious? Want to watch a funny video with pep rally analogies? Keep reading.

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A New Way to Connect with Your Menstrual Cycle

It seems like there’s no end to cool menstrual health products these days — from the DivaCup to those new absorbent underwear (which, by the way, have some pretty awesome new ads), the number of available period-managing options seems to be expanding every time I go on the internet. So, when one of my suite mates came into my room a few weeks ago, claiming she found yet another intriguing new product, I immediately wanted to know more.

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It’s midterm season, and it can be easy to let stress get the best of you. But fear no more! Here’s a playlist that might help you with your studies and stress relief simultaneously. Music has always helped me focus and decompress. This semester I’ve started a new routine I like to call the Study/Jam. So far I’ve found that listening to non-lyrical music improves my attention-span while reading/writing/studying. These songs help me visualize the setting of my readings and push me to consider rhythm and sound when writing. After a while, intense study can get to a point where I feel like I’m having a staring contest with my notes. When my body starts to get antsy, I push aside what I’m working on, clear my floor and take some time to jam out. Forcing myself to move in between working clears my head and helps me think more creatively.

This playlist budgets an hour of reading time, but is peppered with songs that make me (and hopefully you, too!) want to DANCE. After about 20 minutes of reading/writing/studying time, there’s roughly 10 minutes to kick your feet, throw your hands in the air, do cartwheels (if your single is larger than a pantry or your roommate is elsewhere), let your body speak while your mind rests!

Good luck with exams, everyone! Remember not to forget about taking time for yourself. I hope this playlist allows you to study more productively with time to jam and decompress in between :)

Sweat It Out – tips, tricks, and suggestions for on-campus exercise possibilities

Midterms have come swiftly upon us – and with all of the busyness that they bring, it is easy to forget about taking care of yourself – and especially ~exercising~. Fitting in a run, class, or time at the gym can seem unnecessary or even more stress-inducing during an especially busy time. However, working out can be an incredible tool for managing stress, improving mood, boosting your immune system, having more energy, sleeping better, and literally feeling strong and ready to take on the world!

Check out even more wonderful ways it can impact your life: 13 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise. What an amazing tool it can be!

It’s easy to feel scattered or have a one-track mindset during midterms (tests, tests, tests, essays, projects, etc.), but taking care of yourself during this time will benefit both you as a person and a student. Learning, growing, and working are all easier to do when you are taken care of. :) Exercise can be an important part of caring for yourself, however not everyone’s self-care will look the same or necessarily involve working out. If you do want it to be part of your routine and are looking for more tips on how and where, read on!

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