Fall Break in NYC

1For folks staying on campus during Fall Break, the time off from our regular schedules can seem gloriously open and unstructured–sometimes a little dauntingly so. We’ve put together a few ideas of things to do in NYC either this weekend or anytime if you’re looking for a little inspiration:

Check out an event at an independent bookstore like Sister’s Uptown Bookstore or Bluestockings, or just visit and browse the books!

Come out to Brooklyn for First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum! This month’s theme is Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power. 

Another great Brooklyn activity, when weather allows? A trip over the Brooklyn Bridge to explore Brooklyn Bridge Park (which can also be accessed by subway, bus and ferry).

Speaking of parks! Take advantage of all of the free events happening in the city’s many parks every day (things like a “pumpkin smash” in Hudson River Park’s Chelsea Waterside Park on Saturday, an educational walk on Randall’s Island to learn all about mushrooms, or a volunteer day at the Queen’s Botanical Garden on Sunday just to name a few!)

Visit one of the many museums that your Barnard ID gets you into for free. If you haven’t yet explored the Cloisters, it’s especially lovely to check out this time of year while all of the trees in nearby Fort Tryon Park are at their fall best (here’s some additional info about accessibility at the Cloisters).

One of our wonderful peer eds had a few more ideas:

The New York Public Library Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture always has awesome exhibitions where they curate and display materials from their archive, it’s free and always fascinating and usually illuminates histories that are not uplifted by mainstream white-dominated education or discourse. These are the current ongoing exhibitions, including about Black Power, Malcolm X, and the representation of Afro-Caribbean/Afro-Latina women in visual culture and history. It’s also pretty easy to get to from campus: The Schomburg Center is on 135th and Lenox, it’s about a 30 minute walk from campus, or you can take the 2/3 to right outside the door, or you can take the m60 bus to Lenox and walk ten blocks north or transfer to the m7 or m102 bus!

For thrift shopping: The Goodwill outlet in Queens (47-47 Van Dam St, Long Island City, NY 11101) is really fun, but not for the faint of heart. If you’ve never been to a Goodwill outlet, it is a big room with big blue bins full of loosely categorized items. It’s where the items go before they are further curated and brought to retail Goodwill stores. It’s an exciting and kind of dirty adventure digging through the bins to find weird books, rain boots, fur coats, etc. The best part is that you pay by the pound/by the bag instead of by individual items so stuff is even cheaper than usual.

The Lesbian Herstory Archives is an archive in Brooklyn that is open for exploration on Friday and Saturday of Fall Break. It’s been growing since the 1970s, and lives in a Brownstone in Brooklyn. It’s comprised of personal papers, photos, etc from individual lesbians, both notable and regular. They also have an extensive historical newspaper collection, even issues of The Ladder from the 1950s which was the first lesbian publication in the US. They also have lots of gay activist/social movement paraphernalia, lesbian pulp fiction novels, and lots of other fascinating materials all about the history of lesbians, queer people, and trans people in NYC and the U.S.. Whenever they are open there are volunteers there who can tell you about the collection and even give you a tour. When it is listed as “open” on the calendar, you don’t need an appointment, you can just show up and explore. It’s a bit of a haul from campus, but so worth it in my opinion!

And finally, we hope the break can truly be a break and that you’ll have the time and space to rest–catch up with folks who make you feel good, sleep, watch shows or movies and read things that bring you joy, and take care of yourselves in any and all ways that make you feel restored.




Frequently Asked Questions about the Flu Shot!

We’re happy to share a special guest post from Primary Care’s Medical Director, Dr. Marjorie Seidenfeld:

Have you been contemplating getting the flu shot, but having hesitation? Maybe you heard about a friend who told you they got sick afterward? Maybe you have an allergy to eggs and have been told you shouldn’t get the flu shot? Let’s put out all the rumors and discuss whether or not they’re true… Continue Reading

Answering a Question Box Question!


As you may or may not know, Well Woman has an anonymous question box. It lives in the Well Woman office (although you might spot it at some events like the Student Services Fair during NSOP and at the Flu Shot Fair today from 3pm-6pm in the Diana Event Oval where you can get a flu shot without an appointment for free with Aetna or for $20 with other insurance) and you can submit any question any time and a Peer Educator (like myself) will answer it!

And now, our question!

Q: I want to get into sex toys but don’t really know where to start. Please help.

A: Sex toys can be a really fun and exciting way of exploring your sexuality! I think the best way to start is to ask yourself some questions because there is a wide world of sex toys out there and it will help if you can narrow it down a little bit. Are you looking for something internal or external? Do you want to use it by yourself or with someone else? What kind of sensation are you looking for (vibration, different textures, different movement patterns, etc.)?

I think the BabeLand website is a great resource. They have a variety of resources like their How to Choose a Vibrator page where they recommend products based on things you might want like quietness so your roommate won’t hear it, or G-spot stimulation. They have similar pages for how to chose a dildo, or anal toy, as well as care and cleaning of toys, and how to use previously mentioned items. If you’re comfortable, I also recommend just going to one of their stores (there’s one in SoHo on 43 Mercer St) and asking their advice. They are very knowledgeable and it’s great to see the different toys because it can be hard to judge vibration strength or size or texture or sound or any of the other qualities you might want in a sex toy over the internet.

I also understand that BabeLand is expensive, and sex toys are expensive. Autostraddle has a good article on how to decide where you can save and where you shouldn’t (for safety/health reasons).

Whatever you decide is right for you, use lube and have fun!


Get to know the peer eds: Amanda, Rania, Simi & Aneliza!

Rania Simi Amanda Anezlia

Name / year / major

  • Rania / ‘18 / Women and Gender’s Studies and Economics
  • Amanda / ‘18 / Africana Studies and Art History
  • Simi / ‘18 / Urban Studies, concentration in Sustainable Development, minor in Race & Ethnic Studies
  • Aneliza / ‘19 / Women and Gender Studies

What is home for you? 

  • Aneliza: A warm hug
  • Amanda: Linda’s Pizza on Tremont Ave
  • Simi: In my room burning sage listening to a seasonal playlist curated by myself
  • Rania: Backyard bbqs in Bay Ridge

Share your favorite WW office resource:

  • Amanda: The library 🙂
  • Simi: The key
  • Aneliza: The space itself
  • Rania: The comfy couches b/c I can nap at any hour of the day!

Share your fave WW program or event:

  • Aneliza: I really liked Amanda’s DIY Deodorant event and my Dia de los Muertos event!
  • Amanda: DIY Deodorant (I miss you Michelle!)
  • Simi:
  • Rania: Pumpkin carving was so much fun!

What’s one thing you wish students knew about WW space?

  • Simi: It’s open! It’s so accessible and you can come hang out whenever you want to!
  • Amanda: The space can be used by other student organizations for meetings and events!
  • Rania: That we have so many delicious flavors of tea and also dark chocolate which is the best chocolate!
  • Aneliza: That there’s a lot of love to give!

What are you really passionate / excited about right now?

  • Amanda: PRINCE
  • Rania: Skin Care
  • Aneliza: Life.
  • Simi: I’m super excited for Bacchanal!

Share something you enjoy about being a peer ed

  • Simi: The other peer eds
  • Aneliza: The love and support
  • Rania: The feeling of warmth and comfort I get everytime I step into the space!
  • Amanda: Unreasonable amounts of chocolate. Growth. Collective learning. Having access to the space and its resources at all times.

What is your favorite way to practice self care (in general, or right now)?

  • Simi: Listening to podcasts! Currently I’ve been listening to a lot of “Another Round”, “Hidden Brain”, and “Code Switch”, but my all time favorite is “2 Dope Queens”!
  • Amanda: Listening to podcasts too–specifically, “The Friend Zone,” “Inner Hoe Uprising” & “Bodega Boys” (BX STAND UP). Biking. And my ultimate favorite is cleaning while blasting throwbacks//oldies.
  • Rania: I love to cook meals for myself and the people I love!
  • Aneliza: Taking myself and having a meal by myself! On election day I took myself to a steakhouse and got steak, caesar salad, and dessert and thought “Why not?”

Favorite odd thing in the office?

  • Amanda: The fossil of a TV
  • Aneliza: Why doesn’t the ceiling light have a cover? Also, these floodlights, what are they here for? Also, I am my own favorite odd thing.
  • Rania: The little rat doorstop
  • Simi: The relaxation sausage

Get to know the peer eds: Madison!


Name / year / major: Madison / Sophomore / Political Science and Human Rights
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Share your favorite WW office resource: The button maker! I have a massive button collection and I love being able to make my own buttons that include messages on my favorite wellness topics!
Share your fave WW program or event: My favorite event that I worked on this year was Pornucopia, which focused on self-pleasure, safe sex, ethical porn consumption, and learning about your body. I loved having open conversations with students about sexuality and answering their amazing question! I hope to repeat this event next year, and raffle off some more sex toys 🙂
What’s one thing you wish students knew about WW space?: That we take a really multi-dimensional approach to wellness- it’s not all nutrition promotion and STI prevention (although I do love talking contraception during my office hours). We also do things like help students work through conflicts with roommates, family members, and professors that may be negatively impacting their well-being. I also wish students knew that there is no issue too “small” or minor to bring to office hours- if something is affecting your wellness in any way, we would love to see you!
Share something you enjoy about being a peer ed: I love working to create sex-positive programs that educate students on really important and interesting topics typically not included in school sex education programs.
Favorite odd thing in the office?: The ovary stuffed animal!

Get to know the peer eds: Cara, Rumana and Allison!


Cara, Rumana and Allison tabling at YesFest!

Name / year / major:
Ok so we’re nostalgic seniors, who decided to do this together because we love each other.
1. Rumana, Senior, Urban Studies (sociology)
2. Allison, Senior, Psych & dance minor
3. Cara, Senior, Gender Studies & Race and Ethnicity
What is home for you? 
Rumana: Home for me is where my loved ones are (aww)
Allison: Pittsburgh, I’m a yinzer
Cara: San Diego, CA but also Washington Heights next year (with Allison)!
Share your favorite WW office resource:
Allison: The Peer Eds! (That made Rumana say aww).
Cara: Ditto. My peers are the coolest, and are so incredibly knowledgeable
Rumana: The chocolate and yoga balls
Share your fave WW program or event
Rumana: I like office hours because I get the opportunity to meet some really cool Barnard students and just provide space to talk.
Cara: Ditto! I think peer education is crucial for all of us and Well Woman provides the warm physical space for us to do that. Also yoga ball dancing.
Allison: I like decorating cupcakes during finals! The brand of cupcakes we get is dope.
What’s one thing you wish students knew about WW space?
Cara: It is for EVERYONE!
Allison: That you can use the books in the library!
Rumana: There’s not requirement to be in the space. Doesn’t matter who you are, or what group you’re in, you can come in.
What are you really passionate / excited about right now?
Rumana: Cooking. Specifically Ethiopian food.
Allison: Our new peer ed apartment full of wellness. Because our apartment is going to be filled with a lot of self care.
Cara: Well i’ve been hype about Chance the Rapper’s album Coloring Book all year, but i’m also weirdly really enjoying working on my thesis? It’s the hardest thing i’ve ever done, but come talk to me about dialogue as means of conflict resolution (oh wow I am a nerd)
Share something you enjoy about being a peer ed
Allison: I enjoy meeting all the cool people that come into the office
Rumana: I really enjoy listening to people, having an environment where being listened to is the priority.
Cara: I really enjoy getting more and more comfortable with questions / learning how to find out information that I don’t already know about wellness in general, but specifically reproductive health stuff.
What is your favorite way to practice self care (in general, or right now)?
Rumana: Going on walks in the park
Cara: Well on account of the whole graduating thing, I’m having lots of feelings. So right now just spending down time with people I love is feeling really good.
Allison: It varies, but generally self care involves my friends or family.
Favorite odd thing in the office?
Rumana: The bouncy balls. They’re not odd, but I love the yoga balls. Also the cats. Also the little boobies, wait they’re not boobies. The uterus and the mamory glands.
Cara: Well the books aren’t odd but I love them, also the yoga balls, also the cats scare me but are somehow also fascinating ?!
Allison: Those freaking cats!! For context, the cats in the dresses…

Get to know the peer eds: Megnot!


Name / Year / Major: Megnot Mulugeta / 2019 / Sociology and Africana Studies

Home is Nashville, TN and wherever else my heart is!!

fave WW office resource: tie between the free pads, the books, and office hours
one thing you wish students knew about WW space?: it’s a great place to just hang out in between classes! especially if you don’t live in the quad

favorite way to practice self care right now: cleaning my room and listening to Buzzfeed’s “Another Round” which is my favorite podcast (pls check it out it’s so funny)
share something you enjoy about being a peer ed: holding office hours!! i love being able to meet different people around campus and creating a chill, relaxing atmosphere for students

something you’re passionate/excited about:  bioethics lol i’ve been really into reading articles about the future of genetics and the implications of creating primitive human hearts, brains, etc. Also neanderthals because there’s been some recent discoveries about the more intimate details of relationships between early humans and neanderthals (spoiler alert: kissing was involved) and how some neanderthals would treat certain ailments by consuming plants and bark that contain chemicals we currently use in antibiotics and aspirin! very cool