Get to know the peer eds: Sophie!


Name / Year / Major: Sophie, class of 2017, economics and mathematics

Where I’m From: I’m from a small town in West Virginia, but I’m currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland on a semester abroad!

Favorite Program: My favorite WW event was pumpkin carving! Halloween is my favorite holiday and it’s so awesome to have the opportunity to carve pumpkins at college while chilling with the other peer eds and Barnard students.

Something I enjoy about being a peer ed: I love the community. It was amazing to instantly have 20 friends who are so knowledgeable and aware and completely nonjudgmental! I have loved learning from them and with them and I miss them all dearly!

Favorite WW office resource: The space overall is so so great. The purple walls, the vagina paraphernalia, the tea, the tampons and condoms, the chapstick! I can’t pick my favorite!

Favorite way of practicing self-care: Two favorites: I love to go for runs. Running is very much a part of who I am and I find that it’s the best way for me to think things through and sweat out my toxins. My other favorite thing to do is cook myself a yummy healthy meal. This makes me sound like a super healthy person, but I’m not most of the time! I have just found that pretending to be healthy for a little bit gives me energy and motivation when I’m feeling down.

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Get to know the peer eds: Chantal!


Name / Year / Major: Chantal Mota / 2017 / English

Where you’re from: I was born and raised in the upper west side of manhattan, new york.

I love reading the WW blog, but my favorite program so far was actually pumpkin carving a little while back… I was surprised with the variety of expression.  The images were images of self empowerment or friendship or family –not your average jack-o-lanterns. It was cool how the office was able to make a simple craft into a self care exercise and something so impactful and meaningful.  I also have to say I enjoyed the most recent craft event that I hosted.  We were just decorating stones, but there was such a strong sense of community and friendship in the room.

That’s what I enjoy most about being a peer-ed.  All the loooveee. All the self love, all the community love, all the love so many of us want to share with whomever walks in. But, also the appreciation for acknowledging that loving our bodies and our minds, and –in addition– our community’s bodies and minds, is complicated and not always easy.

Favorite WW resource, of course, is our library.

My favorite forms of self care are always related to music –listening to it, singing it, playing it, dancing to it, etc…

❤ be well.

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Get to know the peer eds: Issie!


Name / Year / Major: Issie / 2018 / English and Women’s Studies

Where I’m From: Originally London, England but have been living in Philadelphia for the past 7 years.

Favorite Program: Giving the Cuntfidence (now called Let’s Talk About…) presentation was a big honor and a lot of fun! I feel that in talking about broader sexual health topics, often the intricacies of vaginal health are glossed over, so it was cool to have an open discussion with other Barnard students and share knowledge! Plus I got to do it with my good friend and fellow Peer Ed Michelle, which was a blast.

Something I enjoy about being a peer ed: All the people I have met through this program! Whether it’s talking with students during office hours, hanging out with other Peer Eds, or gathering all the Life Advice I can from our director Jessica, all my WW-related interactions have been meaningful. WW fosters an incredible network of support that, even will all the important work that goes on, is not without fun and silliness!

Favorite WW office resource: The library!!!

Favorite way of practicing self-care:  Long walks listening to music (hit me up to share recommendations!) and being with my friends.

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Get to know the peer eds: Evelyn!


Name: Evelyn Mayo

Year: Fall 2017

Major: Environmental Science w/ concentration in Race and Ethnicity

A place you’ve lived: Did High School in Singapore

Favorite WW event: Let’s Talk about _____

Favorite  WW office resources: I love that I know there is a quiet and understanding space on campus that is always available to me! So I guess the office itself?

Favorite way of practice self care: Walking or skating or painting

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Get to know the peer eds: Shannon!


Name / Year / Major: Shannon / Senior / Psychology and Athena Scholar

Where I’m From: Woodhaven, Michigan in the Metro Detroit Area

Favorite Program: Milk tasting is always fun! I’ve also enjoyed the many iterations of Cuntfidence / whatever it was called this year

Something I enjoy about being a peer ed: Getting to know so many members of the Barnard community that I might not meet otherwise, whether through the group of peer educators or speaking to people during office hours

Favorite WW office resource: The library!! Though I don’t use it as often as I’d like, it’s expanded my to-read list exponentially.

Favorite way of practicing self-care: Lately I’ve been really into guided meditations! I use the app Stop, Breathe, and Think and it has been really helpful for channeling nervous energy into positive energy. I’ve also heard great things about Headspace.

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Get to know the peer eds: Kate!


Name: Kate Stephanus

Year: Junior

Major: American Studies with a concentration in Social Inequality and Difference in the 20th Century!

Where you’re from: Born in Sydney, Australia, raised in Los Angeles, CA.

Favorite WW program: Let’s Talk About…

Something I enjoy about being a Peer-Ed: I love being a Peer Ed because I get to meet so many amazing people and connect with them over health issues, common experiences, and all our feelings!

Favorite WW office resources:  I love that the office is open every day to just hang out–I can go in to chat with Jessica, check out the books, get some tea, do some arts and crafts, and a whole bunch of other things. The office itself, then, is my favorite resource, because it’s a space where I can always feel safe, like myself, at home, and welcome.

Favorite way of practicing self care: I really love taking walks as a method of self care. Since I live off campus, I have to walk a little further every day, and those times are always nice for clearing my head and feeling connected to my body. I also love to dance, take baths, sew, listen to music, cuddle with my big doggo Gordon (pictured), and watch surf documentaries.

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Get to know the peer eds: Danielle!


Name: Danielle Fox

Year: 2017

Major: English
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Favorite WW program: DIY Deodorant! (Shout out to Amanda & Michelle)
Something you enjoy about being a peer ed: Getting to work with a community of people dedicated to making wellness as inclusive as possible.
Favorite office resource: It’s a tie between the free lemon-ginger tea and the button maker!
Favorite way of practicing self care: Too much TV, solo dance parties, reading a book with tea, unplugged walks.

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